Daria 30 Day Challenge Day 10- A scene that makes you happy

Jane’s Addiction.

I know, it’s supposed to be a sad moment for someone, but i’m pretty happy about it…In this conversation we can notice that Trent thought about them together, but even if I love them both THEY WERE JUST NOT MENT TO BE and they knew it.

«Trent - I don’t believe in deadlines, Daria. They stifle creativity.

Daria - Yeah, but agreeing to help us meant you were committing to our deadline.

Trent - Maybe we just have different ideas about what a commitment is.

Daria - I suppose we do.

Trent - I guess it wasn’t such a great idea for us to get together…ON THIS

Daria - No, I guess there was no way it could have worked out.

Trent - Hmm. It’s too bad, Daria. I always kind of felt you understood the way I think.

Daria - I do, Trent. I do.


Trent - Listen, I got to get to rehearsal. I’m late.

Daria - How do you know? You don’t wear a watch.

Trent - I’m always late. That’s why I don’t wear a watch. They depress me.

Daria - You know, Trent, somehow that makes perfect sense.

Trent - Sorry again about, you know… everything.

Daria - That’s okay.

Trent - All right then, Daria. See you around. 

Daria - See ya.»

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Daria 30 Day Challenge Day 11- A scene that makes you laugh

Write Where It Hurts

THIS. THIS. THIS. THIS. their british accent, the 10 minutes conversation about the day, Quinn and Daria hugging and being so polite each other XDD I just can’t… XD

«Miss Quinn - But look! Here approaches Mr. Lane himself, along with his sister’s admirer, Mr. Moreno.

Mr. Lane - Good morning, Miss Morgendorffer, Miss Quinn. I pray the day finds you well.

Mr. Moreno - Yeah

Miss Daria - And a good morning to you, sirs.

Mr. Lane - Indeed, it promises to be a glorious morning, and one to gladden the stoniest of hearts.

Mr. Moreno - Yeah.

Miss Daria - Let us hope so, indeed, for nothing so recommends this world as the promise with which it offers up each gentle day.

Miss Quinn - And, pray, upon this dewy morning, what errand is it that finds you guys abroad?

Mr. Lane - Errand we have none. But with any luck, we shall have sport. We await the other members of our hunting party, and I believe I glimpse them now.»

And also:

«Daria: Oh, Quinn, your suitors are so numerous because you are so fair and good!

Quinn: Oh, sister! Your wit and judgment ensure that you will not only marry well but wisely.»

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I think you’ll find that my mum is probably the coolest mum ever for making me this cake for my 20th

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Daria 30 Day Challenge  Day 2 - Your favourite male character

Trent Lane, ladies and gentleman!

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Daria 30 Day Challenge  Day 5- Your favourite episode

"Lane Miserbles"

I love this episode! We can see the entire Lane family, an we learn more abut Trent, daria&jane friendship became stronger, and Daria gets over Trent (for like, 5 seconds)

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This is one of the coolest things on Daria

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The walls are closing in

The ice is getting thin

No place to be alone

My house is not a home

Psychic refugee!

Psychic refugee!

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So when Daria’s at college, Trent is totally a great help. Yup.

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